Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This won't happen in Kentucky

When we were working on passing HB40 one of the things that we fought to prevent was public access to the names of CCDW permit holders.
We knew that in other states the newspapers had published the names AND addresses of those with permits. We were successful, which is why the ONLY way that anyone outside of law enforcement can get the names of permit holders is to BUY them - ALL of them, without any addresses or other identifying information. Since the press are cheap and want the state to give them this free, they've not yet been willing to fork over the $60,000+ dollars for all the names of persons to whom permits were ever issued.
But in Tennessee they don't have that protection and one of their newspapers, the Commercial Appeal, now has a search engine on their web site that allows you to put in the name of a citizen, and it will then tell you if they have a permit, and where they live! You can find it here.
This is an outrage, and we hope that the good people of Tennessee will do something about it immediately!
KC3 will continue to work to ensure that this doesn't happen here. Bet on it.

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