Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Washington, DC is folding

Remember the Heller decision last year? Remember how some gloom-and-doomers were saying that it wouldn't change anything?

Initially the government of Washington, DC put into place a hatful of onerous restrictions in the effort to make the Heller decision moot, making life difficult for the citizens who decided to buy firearms to keep in their homes.
But in the wake of other court decisions, and to head off yet more costly lawsuits being brought against them for delay and obstruction, they're hastily expanding the list of permitted guns that one can own in DC.
Read about it here.

Please remember, friends, that great walls and massive obstacles of long standing are not brought down in one day. They're destroyed by patient men and women steadily chipping away at them. Perseverance pays off.

Michigan pulls ahead of Kentucky in the race for your rights

Dangit. Michigan beat us to the punch. Now we'll just have to try harder.

They now allow concealed carry on the campus of their colleges. Not in the buildings, but on the grounds. It's not what we want to do, but it's a start.

Read about it here.

An editorial you'll never see around here

Or at any rate, not one we'd expect to, no matter how sensible it is.

A paper in Oregon says it's already legal to carry openly, why bother to license concealed carry?

Read it here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Some people never learn

A couple of years ago, KC3 contacted the Scott county judge executive's office to tell them that they had illegal signs at the entrance to their parks. Supposedly, they took them down.

Now the signs are back.
This one is at the entrance to a park on highway 25N.
Note the illegal language banning firearms and deadly weapons at rule number 5.
That's a no-no, Judge.

Did they think that our members weren't looking or were going to forget about it?
Did they think that they'd get away with it?
The citizen who sent the photos to us says that Scott county Judge-executive George Lusby was quoted in a newspaper article as saying that he didn't agree with the CCDW law. Apparently he or someone working for him in Scott county thinks that they don't have to comply with laws that don't suit them.
We made a phone call to him today and he assured us that he'd look into it and be sure that someone took care of it. He said gee whiz, gosh all golly, he sure didn't want to go to jail for those signs. Somehow it didn't sound very sincere.
He'd better be sure that he follows up on it, or we'll be looking into what it takes to charge a public official with malfeasance. That's also against the law in Kentucky. And if we were Scott county taxpayers we'd be asking him why he's wasting our tax dollars on illegal signs to suit his personal agenda. We aren't going to forget about it, judge.
If you want to tell him what you think about it, you can find his contact information on their web page here.
And tell him that KC3 sent you.

Don't forget - the Open Carry event is this weekend

The New Bethel church in Louisville, Kentucky is having an Open Carry Celebration this Saturday and everyone is invited to attend.

The event is intended to celebrate our right to personal defense and to be armed. You can read more about it on their web page here.
We think it's a good opportunity for the community of gun owners to come out into the public eye and show the world that we're not a bunch of redneck wackos, but everyday people just like the rest of the world. The difference is that we refuse to be victims, and we refuse to compromise on our human rights.
It's a good event for a good cause. We'll be there.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gun-free school zones are nothing but killing zones

KC3 is dedicated to passing legislation this session that will allow CCDW permit holders to carry legally on school property in Kentucky, including colleges and universities.

Why are we doing this? Well, there are always stories like this one -

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A police spokesman says a custodian has been fatally shot at a middle school in Lexington, Ky.
Lexington police Lt. Ron Compton says the suspected shooter is a school employee as well and police are searching for that person. He said police don't believe there is an immediate danger to others.
Compton said school is out for the year and there were no students present when the shooting occurred.
Compton said police were called to Leestown Middle School shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday.

Read more about it in this story from WAVE in Louisville here.

Shooters who are intent on homicide like to attack persons in schools because they KNOW that they'll be unarmed there, by state law.
This is but one example among dozens of why prohibiting citizens from being armed wherever they go is a bad idea that does nothing to contribute to public safety. Banning legally owned and carried firearms does nothing but proclaim that the school is free-fire zone for murderers. History will repeat itself until we make this change in our law.
We'll have more of these news items for you as we count down the days to the General Assembly in January. We hope that after the session is over, we'll be able to start printing articles about how shootings in schools were PREVENTED by armed citizens.
For more information about our petition and how you can help us collect signatures to present to the legislature and governor, contact us via the KC3 web page today.

Guns save lives!

While it's not a case of concealed carry, it's yet another reminder that armed citizens stop crimes, anywhere and everywhere.

Man with uses shotgun to shoot intruders - read it here.

Anyone want to work the gun show?

There's a gun show in Lexington, Kentucky this weekend, June 20th and 21st, and KC3 will be there, meeting and greeting the folks at our table.

As always, we can use some help in passing out literature and answering questions and selling raffle tickets. In any busy gun show, a lot of people will be stopping at the table and we always appreciate it when our members show up to give us a hand with all of this. And admission is free for those who come out to assist us in our work.

Contact us by calling by emailing either Bob Jaynes or Charles Riggs via the links at the KC3 web page here. Give us a phone number and we'll get right back with you. We look forward to seeing you, and thanks for supporting KC3!