Thursday, December 25, 2008

Want to create your own gun-free zone?

Do you know people who just don't understand that banning guns doesn't guarantee personal safety? Would you like to give them something to think about?
Then direct them to this video, where they can learn how to set up a gun free zone of their own!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Watch this page!

The next gun show is in Louisville Thursday-Saturday December 26th-28th, a three day show by RK and Kenny Woods. We'll be there and hope to see lots of you in attendance.
The next show after that is in Lexington, Jan. 3d and 4th with Kenny Woods.
We'll have the new newsletter there with us, and will be able to give you many details about significant new business that KC3 is making strides on.
What, you may ask? What about an attorney who's going to be working with us, a new web page, the upgrades on the use of this blog and several new initiatives and proposals that we want to tell you about and for which we need your assistance.
We're moving out and moving ahead - stay tuned and let us know what you think. See you at the gun shows!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We're getting geared up, and ready to run

After being quiet the last several weeks, the KC3 blog is going to be in full swing again soon.
The board of directors has approved the use of the blog to keep members informed in real time about news from KC3 as well as current events, changes in the political situation, updates on our web page and just about anything related to KC3's mission to defend and extend your right to self-defense here in Kentucky.
Some brief news updates -
We have a new web site provider.  We're going to use a professional ISP who will be responsible for web site maintenance, upgrades and design.  This takes a significant burden off of our board, and ensures a polished look for our site.  The redesign starts after the first of the year, and we'll be posting info about it as we go along.
We're contracting with an attorney.  For too long we've been unable to deal with infringements of the right to carry or other attempts by private companies and public entities to skirt or ignore our laws because we didn't have legal counsel to represent us.  That's about to change, as KC3 is on the verge of signing an agreement with an excellent law firm which will be there to write the letters and take the actions to deal with those who choose to flaunt the law.
We're going to publish the newsletter on a fixed schedule.  As of now, the newsletter will be published on the dates of the changes in the seasons.  Expect to see newsletters in March, June, September and December from now on.  Making this change is necessary to ensuring that our members and our advertisers get what they paid for, and that we stay timely with our news.  In the past the failure to publish in a timely fashion was a blow to our credibility, which we will be addressing every day from this point on.
KC3 is here to stay and here to make a difference, with YOUR help!  If you're not a member, contact us via the web site today and join up, and if you were a member in the past, please join up with us again.  At this crucial time, with all the political changes that are in the air, we need all of YOU on board, and you need US to represent you!