Sunday, October 5, 2008

An update on events and news

Fall is here and with it come many changes in the seasons and our habits. KC3 is making changes as well.
The gun shows in September were a success in several ways. We got to meet a lot of new people and to see old friends. We sold several hundred dollars worth of tickets for the new raffle of the combination of the S&W M&P pistol and the S&W M15A carbine, a really nice package of firearms for personal defense and sport shooting. They have applications in competition shooting as well, so their appeal to just about every shooter is strong.
Perhaps most importantly, we collected several hundred signatures on our petitions that we'll be presenting to the Governor and the General Assembly to begin the process of changing our laws so that lawful, legally armed citizens will be able to carry firearms onto school property for the defense of our children in the event of an attempted assault against at school.
We're going to be working to get the petitions out to as many stores and businesses and interested organizations as we can, and we'll be asking for help from our members to do that.
We'll be looking for qualified and dedicated people to help us staff our tables at the gun shows, so that we can spread the word and answer the many questions that we receive about CCDW, Kentucky's gun laws and our personal rights.
A major revision of our web page is going to take place in the next several weeks as we move to update the material on the site, and revise the navigation of our page. As good as it looks, the content needs to be edited, and the site could be made much more easy to navigate. We also want to upgrade our ability to take member applications and renewals electronically, and to add people to a revived e-mail alert list automatically. Any suggestions from our members on these subjects would be welcome.
Lots more to tell you in the weeks ahead, as we move into fall toward the winter, and toward the legislative season in January. Stick with us!