Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Talk about a prompt response

Just a few hours after our email to Scott county today, we received this image showing a sign with the offending language removed!

The judge-executive assures us that this was an oversight when they addressed the problem before, and apologized for the mistake.
We're appreciative of their speedy response, and of their willingness to do the right thing! If only all our efforts paid off this quickly.

Scott county politicos mock the law, still violating your rights

Because of this sign, photographed at the Great Crossing park and boat ramp in Scott county on September 12th, 2009 -

today we sent this letter to the county judge-executive and the magistrates of Scott county -

"Mr. Lusby - Our organization has contacted you about the illegal signs in Scott county parks previously.
In our last conversation, you assured me that you "didn't want to go getting into any trouble". You were scoffing and amused in your tone and didn't seem to take it seriously. Apparently you were not sincere in your assurances to us that the offending and ILLEGAL signs would be removed.
These photographs were taken at the Great Crossing boat ramp and park on September 12th, 2009.
It appears that you and whoever else has assisted you in the placement of these signs believed that once you had given us your false promises that we would stop watching or check back on the situation. That was a mistake. The citizens of this state are still watching you, and are vigilant for violations of their rights.
We expect that ALL such signs in ALL such public locations in Scott county will be removed forthwith, in accordance with the Kentucky revised statutes.
Should you fail to attend to this in a most timely fashion, the Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed will consult with the Attorney General of Kentucky for proceedings against the responsible persons for malfeasance by public officials. We are sure that the taxpayers of Scott county will not be amused that in these difficult financial times that their elected officials are wasting their money on illegal signs that violate their rights under Kentucky's laws and constitution.
I remind you that email constitutes a legal method of communication, and that this email carries the same weight under the law as a written letter delivered by post. Please do not make the mistake of ignoring or trivializing it as we do NOT consider this egregious conduct to be a trivial matter.
I have copied this email to the magistrates of Scott county in the hope that they will make sure that if you choose to ignore the law then someone in Scott county with more of a sense of responsibility will see to this matter. Hopefully they are better stewards of public funds than the persons responsible for these signs.
We look forward to your prompt reply - Charles Riggs, board of directors and co-founder, Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed"

We thought that this was done with. We were wrong, but stay tuned. We're not done yet. And it wouldn't hurt if all of you were to contact these folks and let them know what you think about this. The county's web page is here.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Federal judge rules in favor of open carry

A federal judge has ruled that in the absence of criminal behavior, the police can't detain or stop or otherwise interfere with persons who are carrying firearms openly on their persons, in compliance with the law.

See the story about it here.