Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Next CCDW class for teachers and women Feb. 16th

The second free CCDW class for teachers will be held in Frankfort on Saturday, Feb. 16th.
The first class was a success, with five teachers attending and a total of 11 students. Not a huge class, but a pretty good turnout for such short notice.
If you're a teacher who wants to take the class FREE, or make a donation of $25 and pay for your own or another teacher's class, contact Charles Riggs at (502) 320-9807 to get more information and reserve your spot.
We anticipate that there will be classes in other areas of the state as more instructors step up to volunteer their services. Steve Sprowls in Elizabethtown has already indicated that he'll be offering CCDW for teachers, so watch for advertisements of those in that area.
Remember that for every $25 donation dedicated to the program KC3 and its affiliated instructors will certify a teacher at NO cost to them for their CCDW permit. If you want to support the program, or make a donation for a specific teacher get in touch with us!

Monday, January 28, 2013

What was President Reagan's viewpoint?

The other side is fond of pulling out a letter from former presidents in favor of the 1994 gun ban legislation. They are fond of reminding us that even President Reagan supported the now discredited, unsuccessful, and useless cosmetic gun ban. I can't speak to the former President's state of mind in 1994. I can tell you what he said when he was President, and fully in control of his faculties.
"Mightn't it be better in those areas of high crime to arm the homeowner and the shopkeeper, teach him how to use his weapons and put the word out to the underworld that it is no longer totally safe to rob and murder? ... Criminals are not dissuaded by soft words, soft judges or easy laws. They are dissuaded by fear and they are prevented from repeating their crimes by death or by incarceration. In my opinion, proposals to outlaw or confiscate guns are simply unrealistic panacea. We are never going to prevent murder; we are never going to eliminate crime; we are never going to end violent action by the criminals and the crazies -- with or without guns." -Ronald Reagan

The right to own and drive cars.

The following is reposted from The Munchkin Wrangler, with kind permission from the author, Marko Kloos. Marko is also the author of The Gun is Civilization, often attributed to some fictitious army dude. It will help you to know that while we see Marko is being facetious and/or satirical, many on the other side will read it and say, "Hmmm. We need to do something about that." Because that's the mindset over there.

Forty thousand people die on American highways every year. Do we just shrug that number off as the price of freedom?

Why is it perfectly legal to buy a 500HP Corvette capable of 180MPH top speeds in a country where no state has a legal speed limit higher than 75 or 80MPH? And you can buy those irresponsible death machines without a license, or any proof of mental or physical competence to handle a high-performance sports car. Give me a good reason why we shouldn’t ban those things?

We can start with sensible car control and ban cars with “racing style” features first. If it has any two of the features listed below, it’s a racing-style car and has no place on civilized streets:

•Front or rear spoilers (whether add-on or molded into the bodywork)
•Hood scoop
•Five-point harness (no reason for those unless you intend to wreck at high speeds)
•Tailpipes with a diameter of larger than <$ARBITRARY_NUMBER>
•Cockpit tachometers
•Manual gearboxes and stick shifters (to include those loophole “Tiptronic” and similar semi-manual shift features of automatic transmissions)
•Bucket seats
•“Race car style” engine start buttons that let you turn on the vehicle without manually turning a key
•Road clearance of less than twelve inches
•Alloy rims mounting tires wider than P185/75R14

Can we all get behind this, folks? After all, the Constitution doesn’t recognize a right to drive, and if it did, it would refer to horse buggies at best, not 200MPH death machines that can catapult the driver from 0 to 60 in four seconds.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

To the other side:

After another frustrating attempt at a civil discussion with one who does not hold my views on the "gun violence" issue, I only have one thing to say. Would y'all please at least apply internally consistent logic to your worldview? My head is spinning with the contradictions I heard in a 10 minute conversation. I don't expect your comments to make much sense in my world, but is it too much to ask they at least make sense in yours?

Thank you.

Friday, January 25, 2013

For novelty purposes only.

I've decided to purchase some of these to keep on hand. I want to see them (and you know who I'm talking about) squirm when I tell them to put their superior moral position on their front and back door. I'm sure they would tell me it's foolish to put one of these on their home. And I'd have to agree. Research has shown that almost all violent crime offenders choose victims who are least likely to own a gun to defend themselves. And then I'd watch them squirm some more trying to answer why they want (and deep down you know it's true) to effectively put one of these on every home in America. Stickers are available at PatriotPost.US along with a host of other Second Amendment items.

Talk about your chalk lines...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Why gun-haters can't come up with solutions to violence

This editorial by KC3 co-founder Charles Riggs appeared in the Frankfort State Journal on Sunday, January 20th

The questions that now dominate our political dialogue, whether to protect our children with armed guards in schools and what to do to protect ourselves from maniacs wielding guns, have answers that are simpler than most people realize. But it will be hard to bring them to bear not because gun owners won’t give up their guns, not because of their fear of confiscation, but because of the delusions of the antigun factions in the debate.
For proof of that, we have only to look to Israel. That nation is surrounded by people who hate them, who make daily calls for their destruction and who at one time were in the habit of invading Israeli schools and murdering their children. The Israelis responded by training and arming their teachers and principals. Now those assaults are a thing of the past. The Israelis didn’t take time for endless studies while pining for a cure. They took action quickly and decisively, and their solution protects their children every day from terrorists far more bloodthirsty than any school shooter yet seen in this country.
So it’s plain that the only thing that stops an armed maniac is an armed citizen or police officer, and more often it’s the citizen who does it. According to statistics compiled by the federal government, armed Americans each year kill three times as many criminals in justified self defense than the police do. And there are more of us, at the scene of the crime when personal violence is attempted by thugs.
In this country, when murderers have been confronted by armed citizens they have folded or surrendered, or committed suicide, foiled in their homicidal designs. This was the case at the high school in Pearl, Mississippi and in the mall in Oregon. Armed law students ended a killing spree in West Virginia. The list goes on and on. Yet the gun-banners have done their best to ignore this history or to pooh-pooh it and refuse to admit it. But ignoring reality doesn’t make it disappear, much to their dismay, and they’ve lost control of the media that once parroted only their phobic propaganda.
There is a word that describes these superstitious types. It is “hoplophobe”, derived from the Greek “hoplos” for tool and “phobia” for fear. They fear inanimate objects when they should fear evil, the dark place in the soul of a murderer. Banning guns is far easier for them than coming to terms with the fact that evil will seek them out, and the only thing that stops it is the resolve of a man or woman who possesses the tools, the arms, to confront it.
The hoplophobes have done their best to deprive our children of education about guns because of this fear. The Left wants our kids to learn about gay marriage, premarital sex, drugs and a range of other topics, but not guns, never guns. And why is that? If knowing about drugs is supposed to inoculate kids against their ravages, why isn’t gun safety education equally valid?
It’s because they’re not interested in giving kids objective information about guns, but in demonizing them. Their aim is not to empower but to horrify with the specter of guns that will be used to slaughter them. The fact that more children will die in car accidents and drowning and other daily events of life in any given year than in school shootings is something they ignore or suppress because it doesn’t fit their narrative or bolster their case against guns.
For the anti-gunners to acknowledge that guns in righteous hands are a solution, the proven solution, requires them to abandon their core beliefs.
Lawful gun owners feel obligated to teach children responsibility and safety with firearms. Not so long ago kids brought guns to school in their pickup trucks, and went hunting after school. Boys kept shotguns in their lockers and shot on school teams. So when did school shootings begin to plague our nation? They burgeoned when teachers began to rail against guns, and espouse “zero tolerance”. Thus the seeds for slaughter were sown.
It’s not responsible gun owners who commit these atrocities. It’s the deranged and psychotic. For these isolated lunatics the gun is a sign of power. Their internal dialog says “They can mock me, but this gun gives me power over them. I can destroy the jocks and the brains and the girls who’ve humiliated me, made me miserable. My gun gives me the power of judgment over their lives, gives me what my own failings will not.” and why do they believe this? Because guns have been made into mythic objects, totems of power by the people who fear them.
The very NRA that the Left so loves to malign has been the source of the majority of gun safety training in this country for decades, yet when Mr. Obama unveiled his orders for more gun education he made no mention of the NRA, nor of the successful programs that gun owners have been using for so long.
It’s apparent that his goal is not to solve the problem in cooperation with we who have brought gun safety to the point that gun accidents are at an all-time low in the United States despite an all-time high number of guns in private hands. His purpose is to continue a pogrom that has failed, and cost the lives of too many of our people, not just in schools but in our cities and streets.
It is the teachings of the hoplophobes that are responsible for this mythos, this fascination with guns. The anti-gunners who’ve taken reasonableness out of the discussion, who’ve dumbed down our children about firearms are the ones who’ve created these monsters, and thus they are incapable of solving the problem.
Prohibition didn’t end drinking. Banning guns won’t stop mayhem. We know what works. Fighting back, refusing to be victims, is the only course of action that will stop evil.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Guns Across America Second Amendment Rally this Saturday at the Capitol

Come join your fellow gun-owning, Second Amendment practicing Kentuckians at the State Capitol Building in Frankfort this Saturday.

WHAT: "Guns Across America" is a peaceful positive rally against ANY, AND ALL future gun control legislation. This is our chance to reach out to our elected officials, and tell them NO NEW GUN LAWS! "Guns Across America" is also an opportunity for us to show the the public that gun owners come from all walks of life and that we are just regular people concerned about our 2nd Amendment rights.

WHERE: 700 Capitol Avenue Loop Frankfort, KY 40601

WHEN: January 19, 2013 @ 12:00 noon

It even looks as if the weather is going to cooperate. The organizer of this event has some specific requests for those who attend. For that information, and more as it is available,  follow this link.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First CCDW class for teachers this weekend

The first free CCDW class for teachers, sponsored by KC3 and our donors, will be held this Saturday January 22nd in Frankfort at the Capital Plaza Hotel beginning at 8:30 AM.
If you know a teacher who would like to participate have them contact the instructor, KC3 director Charles Riggs, at (502) 320-9807 as soon as possible. There are still seats available for both teachers and others who would like to attend. Cost for non-teachers is $65. Spread the word while there's still time for this one, and stay tuned for more dates to come.

KC3 co-founder Charles Riggs to participate in debate Jan. 22d in Louisville

This is the web page of the group that's staging the debate on gun control that KC3 director Charles Riggs has been asked to participate in next week in Louisville, Kentucky on Tuesday, Jan. 22d.
The audience will select who won the debate by determining who did the best job of adhering to the rules and carried his points. We would LOVE to have as many of you as possible who share our views on the Second Amendment and our right to self defense come out and show your support. You have to buy tickets to attend, and it's limited to 100 people so it'd be good to buy in advance if you can. The ticket money will be donated to the charity of the winner's choice, which in Charles' case will be the Franklin County Ky. Humane Society.
If you can make it, please do, and share this with everyone you know! We'd appreciate your support.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

KC3 announces new initiative to protect teachers and kids

On Mandy Connell's show on WHAS 840 AM on Thursday, Jan. 10th, director Charles Riggs announced our new plan to provide CCDW training to schoolteachers.
For every $25 donation that we receive to cover the basic fee to the state treasurer, KC3 affiliated instructors will certify a teacher for the CCDW class. The instructors will donate their time and costs for the remaining $50 of the $75 that the class usually costs.
KC3 affiliate Harmony Hollow Training was the first to offer this program, and several others will be announced in the next few days. You can follow this both here at the blog and on our Facebook page.
The first class to be held in response to donations received at the Kenny Woods gun show in Lexington Jan. 5th and 6th will be in Frankfort on Jan. 19th. Those teachers who signed up for the class at that time will be notified this week.
KC3 believes that the more teachers who have their CCDW permits the safer the environment for us all. Too many myths persist about concealed carry, and too many teachers and others have been misled about the law and the effectiveness of armed self-defense. For instance, many don't know that it's already perfectly legal to have a gun in their locked car in the parking lot of the school where they work!
While it still isn't yet possible for teachers to carry a firearm into school with them, we have to remember that a potential massacre was averted at Pearl, Mississippi when a high school principal retrieved his pistol from his truck in the parking lot, and forced a student who had shot up that school before he could leave and go to another school to shoot yet more undefended students. So even if they can't carry in the classroom, teachers not only can have a gun in their car for such events but they'll be familiar with the law and the use of deadly force from having taken the class.
If you'd like to donate to this effort, send your check or money order to - KC3, PO Box 1269, Frankfort, Ky. 40602 and note that you're contributing to the CCDW for Teachers program. If you have a particular person for whom you'd like to make the donation be sure to include their name and contact telephone number so that we can call them and notify them when classes are being held.
As we know, armed good guys are the only persons who can stop armed bad guys. Help us make a start on improving safety in schools for our children by supporting this program!

Monday, January 7, 2013

KC3 on the radio today...

Board Member Charles Riggs will be on 590 WVLK with Sue Wylie at 10AM.
Board Members Joey Burke and Charles Riggs will be on 970 WGTK with Joe Elliot at 1PM
Listen in if you can. Both stations stream on the Internet and on radio apps.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Giving teachers the tools to save lives!

KC3 has announced a new program that will train teachers for their CCDW permit at no charge to them.
On Saturday we announced at the Lexington gun show that for every $25 donation we receive that KC3 would train a teacher for their concealed carry permit. The donation will pay most of the fee that goes to the state, and our instructors will donate the remainder of the cost of instruction and the fee.
We already have 15 teachers signed up to take the class, and we anticipate adding many more in the days to come. If you know a teacher who would like to get their CCDW permit, or are a teacher yourself, contact us by sending a letter with your name and telephone number to -

Kentucky Concealed Carry Coalition
PO Box 1269
Frankfort, Ky. 40602

The good people at Harmony Hollow firearms training gave us the idea, and if you live in their area you can contact them for the same training deal via their web site -


KC3 in the news

KC3 board member Charles Riggs was interviewed by the Lexington Herald Leader at the Kenny Woods gun show in Lexington on Saturday, and a few of his comments are quoted in this story on Sunday. As usual, only a fraction of the material that the reporter was given was used, but we're used to that. Kenny's comments are especially clear and to the point, makes the article worth reading.