Monday, January 28, 2013

The right to own and drive cars.

The following is reposted from The Munchkin Wrangler, with kind permission from the author, Marko Kloos. Marko is also the author of The Gun is Civilization, often attributed to some fictitious army dude. It will help you to know that while we see Marko is being facetious and/or satirical, many on the other side will read it and say, "Hmmm. We need to do something about that." Because that's the mindset over there.

Forty thousand people die on American highways every year. Do we just shrug that number off as the price of freedom?

Why is it perfectly legal to buy a 500HP Corvette capable of 180MPH top speeds in a country where no state has a legal speed limit higher than 75 or 80MPH? And you can buy those irresponsible death machines without a license, or any proof of mental or physical competence to handle a high-performance sports car. Give me a good reason why we shouldn’t ban those things?

We can start with sensible car control and ban cars with “racing style” features first. If it has any two of the features listed below, it’s a racing-style car and has no place on civilized streets:

•Front or rear spoilers (whether add-on or molded into the bodywork)
•Hood scoop
•Five-point harness (no reason for those unless you intend to wreck at high speeds)
•Tailpipes with a diameter of larger than <$ARBITRARY_NUMBER>
•Cockpit tachometers
•Manual gearboxes and stick shifters (to include those loophole “Tiptronic” and similar semi-manual shift features of automatic transmissions)
•Bucket seats
•“Race car style” engine start buttons that let you turn on the vehicle without manually turning a key
•Road clearance of less than twelve inches
•Alloy rims mounting tires wider than P185/75R14

Can we all get behind this, folks? After all, the Constitution doesn’t recognize a right to drive, and if it did, it would refer to horse buggies at best, not 200MPH death machines that can catapult the driver from 0 to 60 in four seconds.

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