Monday, January 28, 2013

What was President Reagan's viewpoint?

The other side is fond of pulling out a letter from former presidents in favor of the 1994 gun ban legislation. They are fond of reminding us that even President Reagan supported the now discredited, unsuccessful, and useless cosmetic gun ban. I can't speak to the former President's state of mind in 1994. I can tell you what he said when he was President, and fully in control of his faculties.
"Mightn't it be better in those areas of high crime to arm the homeowner and the shopkeeper, teach him how to use his weapons and put the word out to the underworld that it is no longer totally safe to rob and murder? ... Criminals are not dissuaded by soft words, soft judges or easy laws. They are dissuaded by fear and they are prevented from repeating their crimes by death or by incarceration. In my opinion, proposals to outlaw or confiscate guns are simply unrealistic panacea. We are never going to prevent murder; we are never going to eliminate crime; we are never going to end violent action by the criminals and the crazies -- with or without guns." -Ronald Reagan

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Ron said...

I wish I were old enough to have personal experienced President Reagan. It seems to have been a slippery slope since.