Saturday, January 12, 2013

KC3 announces new initiative to protect teachers and kids

On Mandy Connell's show on WHAS 840 AM on Thursday, Jan. 10th, director Charles Riggs announced our new plan to provide CCDW training to schoolteachers.
For every $25 donation that we receive to cover the basic fee to the state treasurer, KC3 affiliated instructors will certify a teacher for the CCDW class. The instructors will donate their time and costs for the remaining $50 of the $75 that the class usually costs.
KC3 affiliate Harmony Hollow Training was the first to offer this program, and several others will be announced in the next few days. You can follow this both here at the blog and on our Facebook page.
The first class to be held in response to donations received at the Kenny Woods gun show in Lexington Jan. 5th and 6th will be in Frankfort on Jan. 19th. Those teachers who signed up for the class at that time will be notified this week.
KC3 believes that the more teachers who have their CCDW permits the safer the environment for us all. Too many myths persist about concealed carry, and too many teachers and others have been misled about the law and the effectiveness of armed self-defense. For instance, many don't know that it's already perfectly legal to have a gun in their locked car in the parking lot of the school where they work!
While it still isn't yet possible for teachers to carry a firearm into school with them, we have to remember that a potential massacre was averted at Pearl, Mississippi when a high school principal retrieved his pistol from his truck in the parking lot, and forced a student who had shot up that school before he could leave and go to another school to shoot yet more undefended students. So even if they can't carry in the classroom, teachers not only can have a gun in their car for such events but they'll be familiar with the law and the use of deadly force from having taken the class.
If you'd like to donate to this effort, send your check or money order to - KC3, PO Box 1269, Frankfort, Ky. 40602 and note that you're contributing to the CCDW for Teachers program. If you have a particular person for whom you'd like to make the donation be sure to include their name and contact telephone number so that we can call them and notify them when classes are being held.
As we know, armed good guys are the only persons who can stop armed bad guys. Help us make a start on improving safety in schools for our children by supporting this program!

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