Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Next CCDW class for teachers and women Feb. 16th

The second free CCDW class for teachers will be held in Frankfort on Saturday, Feb. 16th.
The first class was a success, with five teachers attending and a total of 11 students. Not a huge class, but a pretty good turnout for such short notice.
If you're a teacher who wants to take the class FREE, or make a donation of $25 and pay for your own or another teacher's class, contact Charles Riggs at (502) 320-9807 to get more information and reserve your spot.
We anticipate that there will be classes in other areas of the state as more instructors step up to volunteer their services. Steve Sprowls in Elizabethtown has already indicated that he'll be offering CCDW for teachers, so watch for advertisements of those in that area.
Remember that for every $25 donation dedicated to the program KC3 and its affiliated instructors will certify a teacher at NO cost to them for their CCDW permit. If you want to support the program, or make a donation for a specific teacher get in touch with us!

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