Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Record numbers now licensed to pack heat"

This article appeared yesterday on the MSNBC website, and is sub-titled "Firearms deaths fall as millions obtain permits to carry concealed guns".

It's difficult to believe the weight of facts (however discounted in the article) has finally gotten to the point where even MSNBC has to recognize it. Comments are full of folks giving facts about concealed carry and the usual mix of PSH anti-freedom trolls.

Shall-issue concealed carry: Because the right to protect yourself shouldn't stop at your front door. (TM)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kentucky legislative update from NRA

You can read about the bills and their status here.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Kenny Woods gun show in Louisville this weekend

The Kenny Woods gun show group is holding a show in Louisville March 20 and 21 at the Inn Place Hotel and Convention Center.

The address is 9700 Bluegrass Parkway which is actually in Jeffersontown, Ky. just outside the Watterson Expressway. Go south from I-64 onto Hurstbourne Parkway, then left onto Bluegrass Parkway, which winds back around along I-64. The hotel will be on your right, with large lots for parking just past it on the left.
The hotel's web page with a Google map is here.
The Kenny Woods/RK Shows group is a major sponsor and supporter of KC3 so come out and let them know you appreciate what they do for us here in the Bluegrass state.
Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gun show in Lexington April 17 and 18

This information is taken from the gun show USA web page - use the contact information below to get additional info from them about the show.

Apr 17-18 KY
Lexington, Oleika Shrine Temple, 326 Southland Dr.
300 Tables - $40 per table - Admissions $6.00
9-5 Sat-Sun H.R. McGinnis 423-255-3669

Two important bills to make calls on NOW!

Two Important Kentucky Pro-Gun Bills March Forward!
Please Contact Your State Legislators Today!

Two bills of importance to Kentucky’s gun owners and sportsmen are currently on the move in Frankfort.

House Bill 453 passed the House on Tuesday, March 16 by a vote of 92-4. It is now en route to the Senate for a committee assignment.

Authored by State Representative Will Coursey (D-6), HB453 would allow an individual to carry a loaded or unloaded firearm in an enclosed compartment originally installed by the manufacturer in a motor vehicle. The firearm would not be considered a concealed firearm under state law.

House Bill 542, introduced by State Representative Terry Mills (D-24), was passed by the House Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee on Tuesday, as well. HB542 now heads to the House floor for consideration.

This bill would direct the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources to include a voter registration application form as part of an application for a hunting license or permit. In addition, HB542 would also provide that any change of address form submitted for purposes of a hunting license or permit would serve as a change of address for voter registration. Hunter-Voter legislation will encourage sportsmen’s involvement in the political process and is an important method for preserving Kentucky’s outdoor heritage.

Please contact your State Senator TODAY and respectfully urge them to support HB453. Also, please contact your State Representative to voice your support for HB542. Contact information for your State Legislators can be found by clicking here.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Important CCDW bill signed into law by Gov. Beshear

Kentucky: Governor Beshear Signs

Concealed Carry Reform Legislation

On Thursday, March 11, House Bill 19 was signed by Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear(D).

Sponsored by State Representative Fitz Steele (D-84) and State Representative BobDamron (D-39), HB19 will now enable military personnel who are on active duty to renew their concealed carry licenses early and by mail. It also allows for those military personnel whose license expires while on active duty to renew their license within 90 days after the end of their deployment, with no late fees or other penalties.

Thank you to all those who contacted their legislators during this process.

(and KC3's special thanks for Rep. Bob Damron's continuing efforts on our behalf - CR)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Excellent article by a Kentuckian about self-defense

Jim Higginbotham is a very good man and a very modest one. He's also a superb shooter and an ardent student of personal defense with firearms. And he's from right here in Kentucky.

He's begun writing online articles for the GunsAmerica forums. This is his first article for them, although it's not the first time he's written on the subject, and should be required reading for all of us who carry a firearm for defense. It's entitled "The 'Center Mass' myth and ending a gunfight" - you can read it here.

I'm proud to know Jim and to count him as a friend. We're both Gunsite alumni and I have worked with him in various settings as well as taking instruction from him. His counsel on surviving a gunfight could save your life - Charles Riggs, KC3 board of directors and co-founder.

Friday, March 12, 2010

CCDW instructor's certification course offered


One of our new sponsors, Threat Solutions, is offering training classes
that will qualify you to be certified as an instructor for CCDW in Kentucky.

See their web site here for complete information about all the courses they offer. Go to the bottom of the page for information about the CCDW instructor's course.
The next class is scheduled for May 1st and 2nd so you still have time to register. If you've thought about becoming an instructor this is a good opportunity because not that many trainers are holding classes now.
You can see their Facebook page about this class here.

Eric Dean, who runs the business, is a combat veteran MP with the Kentucky National Guard. We've taken an advanced pistol class with him and we recommend him and his associates highly. Good people, good training!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wall Street Journal weighs in on new Supreme Court case

The WSJ supports the extension of ALL of the Bill of Rights to the states and has some very good comments on the case going before the SCOTUS today.

"The Justices needn't go this far afield to find that the individual right to bear arms that they correctly upheld in Heller applies to the entire country. If the First Amendment's right to free speech applies to the states, then so does the Second Amendment."

Read it here.