Sunday, April 28, 2013

Annual meeting looming, new board members and activists needed.

The KC3 annual meeting's date has not yet been set, but notification will be forthcoming in plenty of time per our bylaws.

But before then we need to point out that we could use some more people to serve on the board of directors. We need people to help us devise new ideas, to help out at gun shows and to expand our presence into more of the state.
We'd love to work all of the gun shows in the state but with so few board members on hand now that's not possible. Having more directors, especially from other regions, would facilitate that.
We are also looking into a plan to enlist regional membership recruiters who would be responsible for going to gun stores and related venues in their areas to tell them about KC3 and encourage gun owners and CCDW permit holders to join us.
If you're interested in serving, have ideas on how we can expand and grow our membership or would like to volunteer in any way or offer any services to KC3 please get in touch via the comments section here on the blog. Thanks!

Video of the KC3 versus Yarmouth debate to go online

In February, KC3 co-founder and current president Charles Riggs debated gun control against Rep. John Yarmuth at the Louisville Forum Annual Dinner.

A video of that exchange will soon be online on YouTube so that you can see what was said and how it went. Don't expect any dynamic new arguments from Yarmuth and don't expect that the anti-gun members of the audience experienced any sudden conversion to our point of view in the process.
But many have asked about how the debate went and soon you'll have a chance to see for yourself.

KC3 newsletter to retire this year

The quarterly newsletter that KC3 has published for years is going away this spring.

The economics of publishing a newsletter have dictated that it's no longer cost-effective to put one out each quarter. The news is often dated by the time it arrives, and it's expensive to print and distribute it. While a few of our members still don't use the internet that much, the vast majority of them are using their computers to keep up with the world every day, often many times a day.
With the advent of the new web site KC3 will have the ability to publish an online newsletter with better graphics, better features and modern functionality including links to other sites in real time. We'll be able to connect our members and readers to other groups that share our interests and goals.
We'll also be able to deliver more value to our advertisers, which we anticipate will attract many more of them and in the process provide better service to the visitors to our page. You'll know more about products that could enhance your safety, and they'll be reaching a group that's focused on what they can provide.
We'll miss the hands-on nature of the newsletter - it's kinda funky, like the old church mimeograph pages of yore - but in its place we'll be delivering more efficient service and better value. More bang for your buck - what gun owner doesn't want that?

Big changes coming for KC3 this spring

If you've looked for the KC3 web site in the last few days, you might have noticed that it's not there. There's a reason for that.

A complete re-design of the KC3 web page has been in the works for over two years but progress has been slow. Several factors have led to delays in the web site changes. There are only so many hours in the days of everyone's lives, and taking the time to sort out the site's content was a slog for those who took on that task.
The biggest problem was finding an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that would devise a comprehensive re-design of the site that included the layout, the graphics and the features that were needed in an up to date site.
While the graphics that KC3 has used for the last several years, based on the outstanding photography of gun rights activist Oleg Volk, have drawn positive comments from many, the graphical style of the page was outdated and stale. Navigation of the page was cumbersome and there were dozens of pages of material that had become outdated. Malware had infected many pages due to outdated links, requiring a complete security overhaul. The easiest thing to do was to shut down the site.
But now KC3 has contracted with the crew at Modern Web Studios to take over hosting duties. In addition, they'll be designing a completely new look for the page.
The new site will have several features that we've needed for a long time. These will include the ability to take applications for new members and renewals without having to print an application and sending it in via the mail. It will have a function that will allow donations, and in time will expand to have an online store where you'll be able to buy Traveller's Guides and other merchandise.
Two features will be especially important. The first of those will be the online real-time blog that will give us the ability to post news items and links that members can use to stay current on topics relating to our mission. The second will be the sign-up link for our email broadcasts and alerts. With this feature, subscribers will get email notifications when an issue becomes urgent, or receive updates on legislation and political developments. When a change in a law or a bill needs your attention, you'll get an email message in time to take action and help KC3 protect and expand our self-defense rights.
There'll be more, of course, but for now we wanted you to know that at long last the changes that we've talked about are close to being realized.
And once the web page is up and running, watch out! There's more in store for you and KC3 in 2013.