Sunday, April 28, 2013

KC3 newsletter to retire this year

The quarterly newsletter that KC3 has published for years is going away this spring.

The economics of publishing a newsletter have dictated that it's no longer cost-effective to put one out each quarter. The news is often dated by the time it arrives, and it's expensive to print and distribute it. While a few of our members still don't use the internet that much, the vast majority of them are using their computers to keep up with the world every day, often many times a day.
With the advent of the new web site KC3 will have the ability to publish an online newsletter with better graphics, better features and modern functionality including links to other sites in real time. We'll be able to connect our members and readers to other groups that share our interests and goals.
We'll also be able to deliver more value to our advertisers, which we anticipate will attract many more of them and in the process provide better service to the visitors to our page. You'll know more about products that could enhance your safety, and they'll be reaching a group that's focused on what they can provide.
We'll miss the hands-on nature of the newsletter - it's kinda funky, like the old church mimeograph pages of yore - but in its place we'll be delivering more efficient service and better value. More bang for your buck - what gun owner doesn't want that?

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