Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A series worth reading

This is a three-part series of articles about the right to carry nation-wide and the right to self-defense - worth reading and thinking about - you can find it here.

Here's an excerpt -

"The genius of concealed carry is that thugs in any given neighborhood are entirely uncertain as to who is armed, and who will likely respond with lethal force when the thug creates the grave danger aggression. Here is another one of those things the anti-gun movement does not tell the average layman in the so-called gun debates, cases of grave danger which number in the millions thanks to one dynamic. Most thugs know very well how a rape, a robbery or a mayhem can rapidly deteriorate into a case of no witnesses. Refusing to be a victim of this sort of violent crime - and being able to make your refusal stick - can make all the difference in the world, your world."

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