Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There's hope for the future, it seems

We had the pleasure of attending a meeting of the Louisville Young Republicans (web site here)last night at their headquarters.
We were invited to participate in a panel discussion about the 2nd Amendment by JD Sparks, the local NRA election action representative. The panel included Gene Smith, a former chief of police in Louisville, Barry Laws from the Open Range and Charles Riggs from KC3.

The exchange was lively and informative. Perhaps the best and most encouraging thing to come out of it was to see so many young people taking an active interest in their country, their government and their rights. In an age when there are so many forces working to change the very fabric of our nation, it's crucial to the future of our republic that young men and women become activists in their own behalf, working to ensure that our kids are properly educated about our traditions and our foundation.

We appreciate the invitation to participate in the discussion and look forward to working with the Young Republicans in future.

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