Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There's a new law(yer) in town

The board of directors has contracted with a major Kentucky law firm to represent us in our efforts to protect your right to self-defense.
We met Monday with the young man who'll be representing KC3 and discussed the problems of which we're currently aware, as well as those issues that we'd like to address in future.
The first problem we're going to tackle is a situation where a company is reportedly violating state law by prohibiting employees from possessing firearms in their private vehicles in company parking lots. We'll be working with our attorney and possibly the Kentucky Attorney General to correct this alleged violation.
The acquisition of legal representation is a significant step forward for KC3 as it allows us to take on some of the corporate and governmental entities which have previously been willing to ignore our attempts to correct their misconduct.
If you know of any illegal activities, signage or policies anywhere in the state that discriminate against CCDW permit holders or otherwise infringe on our right to self-defense please contact us, and let us go to work on your behalf.


gtfoster said...

If A CCDW holder is involved in a shooting, is there a list or recommendation of lawyers that specialize in CCDW and/or 2nd Amendent Rights that can be contacted by that legally armed citizen?

Chaz said...

At this time there isn't any such list, but that's one of the projects we're going to be working on in future. We're hoping to coordinate with the NRA and GOA to solicit the names of attorneys who want to be on such a list. With any luck, we'll have it started this year. At present, the best thing is to contact the NRA if you need to find an attorney with that specialty in Kentucky.