Thursday, February 26, 2009

Right to Carry while hunting goes to floor for a vote!

Kentucky: Self-Defense While Hunting Legislation Heads To The House Floor!
Please Call Your State Representative Today!

Today, Wednesday, February 25,
House Bill 419 passed the State House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 12 to 2. HB 419, sponsored by State Representative Robert Damron (D-39), would permit citizens to carry firearms for self-defense while engaged in hunting, fishing, trapping, and other activities. The bill also clarifies that citizens may do what is necessary for self-defense in the case of a wild animal attack, without fear of unjustified prosecution. The NRA worked with Representative Damron to amend the bill in order to address legitimate concerns raised by the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. HB 419 now heads to the House floor for a vote.
Please contact the your State Representative TODAY and respectfully voice your support for HB 419. For contact information or help identifying your State Representative, please click

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