Thursday, April 16, 2009

Update on the Thunder Over Louisville situation

Good news!  The Louisville Metro Police were asked at a press conference today about the ban on firearms that is posted on the TOL web page which we told you about.  They stated that there is NO such ban!

They clarified that the only place where legally concealed firearms would not be permitted would be INSIDE the beer tents, and that those areas would be correctly posted, as required.
They stated that concealed carry by persons with legitimate CCDW permits would be allowed on the Great Lawn and other open areas, in accordance with Kentucky statutes.
We're still waiting for the Kentucky Derby Festival people to fix their web site, but for the time being this is a very significant victory for us.  In the past, Louisville's city government simply ignored any attempts to reverse their discriminatory policy.
Thanks for your help and support!  We'll keep you posted as this situation evolves.


Anonymous said...

That is great news. I have a post up about this I will update it with the new information.

Kentucky Preppers Network

Sean McPherson said...

I'm glad they finally came through with the *correct* answer. I made several calls and sent emails this week about this issue, including the fact that once again we'd not be spending any money at Thunder events due to this. The word on the change was too late for us to make plans for this year, but maybe next year :)