Friday, April 24, 2009

Correct target for CCDW qualification

We recently received an email asking what's the correct target for the qualification shooting part of the CCDW course.

The one shown below is the correct target. It's the traditional B21 standard 50 yard target, sized 35x45 inches.
The 'reduced size' version that's listed by some target vendors is intended for use at 25 yards for some courses of fire, but that version is NOT allowed for use in the CCDW classes.
There is also another traditional target, the B27, but it's a different shape and is not authorized for use in the concealed carry classes. You can see it here.
There are variations of the B21 that have different scoring rings, but they're okay to use. It's the overall shape, size and silhouette of the target that's important.
If your instructor is using any other target besides this one, please advise him to check with the Dept. of Criminal Justice Training for information about the right target to use.

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