Friday, April 24, 2009

Milwaukee police chief suspends civil rights in his city

(Chief Ed Flynn - Milwaukee)

There was a recent advisory opinion issued by the Wisconsin Attorney General that confirmed that the mere act of carrying a firearm openly on your person, as provided for by law in that state, did NOT constitute disorderly conduct or any other illegal act.

Unfortunately, Ed Flynn, the chief of police in Milwaukee has announced that he's not going to be guided by this advisory.  He's telling his cops to put citizens on the ground, disarm them and THEN determine if they're doing anything wrong!

We anticipate that there will be some lawsuits forthcoming if the police in that city are as stupid as their chief and try this tactic on law-abiding citizens.
Read more about it here and here.

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Anonymous said...

Notice how he refers to public officers as his "troops." This just proves our law enforcement has changed to guilty until proven innocent instead of innocent until proven guilty. I hope this guy gets a huge lawsuit slapped on his ass and is forced to quit. We need honest citizens who know the law running our police forces, not THUGS like Chief Ed Flynn who are committed to harassing law abiding citizens.