Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fox News blows the lid off the government's disinformation campaign!

Eric Holder and others in the Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton, have been telling us that 90% of the guns being used in the drug wars in Mexico are coming from the U.S.

Of course, those of us who know anything about guns know full well that you don't just drop into the local sporting goods store in Phoenix and stock up on machine guns, RPGs and grenades to take back to Juarez. The majority of the weapons being used by the cartels are either bought from other countries which are happy to sell them the full-blown, fully-automatic military weapons that they're using, or are being provided to them by the thousands of Mexican soldiers who go AWOL every year, taking their guns with them.
And where are THOSE fully automatic assault rifles, those M16s, coming from?
Why, they're being GIVEN to the Mexican government by the United States!

But that won't stop the gun-haters in Washington from using any major event and telling any lie and distorting any statistic in order to pass misguided legislation that infringes on YOUR rights.
Fortunately, not all of the mainstream media are falling for it.
Fox News has a story about it here. You can read that, and follow their ongoing broadcast expose of the devious manipulations of the numbers that the Obama gang are trying to employ to take away your personal freedoms.
We can be thankful that at least one of the major news outlets cares about the truth!

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