Wednesday, March 18, 2009

White House trying to kill Armed Pilots program

In yet another under-the-radar sneak attack, the Obama administration is pulling two million dollars from the Armed Flight Deck Officers program in order to move the money to people in the program who will kill it with regulations and restrictions.

This is simply crazy. The armed pilots program has been a positive force in the prevention of hijackings and violence on commercial aircraft, with an outstanding safety record. How does it make any sense to jeopardize the safety of the traveling public by this action?
You can read about it here in the Washington Times, and follow it up as it progresses on Michael Bane's blog here. Michael is the host of the Shooting Gallery show on the Outdoor Channel, and a long-time champion of our rights
. He's also the host of Downrange TV on the internet. If you haven't ever seen Michael's work, time to take a look. Gun owners and concealed carry advocates have no better friend than Mr. Bane.
Pro-rights groups such as the Second Amendment Foundation have begun to take notice of this attempt to gut the safety of the skies and are sending out email alerts to gun owners and activists.
Once again, it's going to take the active efforts of those of us who care about freedoms and personal safety and our right to bear arms, making those phone calls and sending those emails, to undo this treachery. Better get used to it, it's going to be a long haul.
To send a message to your Congress-critters, you can go here to the government's web page and contact portal, or use the tools at the Gun Owners of America page.

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