Friday, March 20, 2009

One stupid failed policy leads to another - the British government at work

There's a piece on the Vdare web site about the evolution of more crimes by foreigners in the UK, combined with more crimes using knives and the predictable nanny-state response to it by the government.

You can find it here - worth reading if only for the many links in the text to other stories and background material.
Here's an excerpt -

"In a culture where the normal instinct of self-defense has been largely depressed by decades of liberal peacenik propaganda, mere gun grabbing (as Washington is now gearing up) will not suffice. British peace extremists may have imagined that depriving the people of firearms would ensure the end of violence in society, but something else happened on the rainbow road to kumbaya—the confiscation of guns from the British people over several decades did not result in perfect peacefulness."

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