Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ban on re-use of brass lifted - and fast!

In the last few days, the internet was on fire with emails and blogging about a newly announced Dept. of Defense policy that would require the destruction of all once-fired brass from military ammunition.

In the past, brass from military ammo was sold as surplus to ammunition reloaders all over the USA.  They would use that to turn out economical ammo for LE training and the civilian market. Then suddenly there was an announcement in the last week that henceforth the brass must be destroyed, ground up and sold only as scrap.  Doing that would require that the buyers would have to melt the stuff down and have it made back into brass cartridge casings, which would have made the cost prohibitive!
Fortunately, gun owners started a firestorm of protests, emails and phone calls, to their Congressmen and every else they could get in touch with to protest this outrageous ruling.
Now, suddenly, the ruling is reversed and the sale of the intact brass will continue as it has for many years.
Had this not been corrected, companies such as Georgia Arms would have seen their incomes savaged, forcing them to lay off employees and conceivably going out of business.
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