Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't forget to call your Senator during these last days of the session

The 25th and 26th of March are the days that the General Assembly takes up vetoed bills and finishes its business for the session. But they can also take up new bills and pass additional legislation if they choose.

HB419 and HB358 still need to be passed. They languishing in the Senate in committee, and need the support of the Senate leadership to move to the floor.
HB419 contains language that would make it legal to have a firearm in a vehicle on university property, just like you're allowed to have on everywhere else in the state. HB358 has the language that recognizes our right to be armed for self-defense even while hunting or in the field.
Both of these could still be brought to the floor and passed, but it'll take the work of all concerned citizens to get this done.
Be sure to call your Senator and tell them that you want to see these bills given a vote, and sent on to the governor for his signature, and contact the Senate leadership to urge them to make an effort to effect this.
The toll free number to leave a message with any and all of the Senators is (800) 372-7181. Take advantage of it and please pass on this information to your friends.

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