Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What did YOU do for your rights today?

People have a tendency to get in touch with organizations like ours with an issue that makes them mad, and then ask us what we're going to do about it.

The question is, what have THEY done about it before getting in touch with us?

So here's some questions for the people who read this blog -

What are YOU going to do about the signs that shouldn't be on the doors of the cell phone office?
We put the info on this blog. How many of YOU have gone to that store with the offending signs and told them they're wrong?
How many of YOU have called them about it?
How many of YOU have done NOTHING but read about it, or complain to us about it and want to know what WE'RE going to do about it?

How many of YOU aren't members of KC3 but want US to fix the things that aren't right here in Kentucky, the things that offend you?
How many of YOU just haven't taken the time to join KC3? Or to call your legislator? Or even
to VOTE?

No matter how many members we have, we can always use more. And we can use more support and more phone calls and more people out there spreading the word and passing out newsletters and writing letters to the editor.

So ask yourself what YOU are going to do about fixing the problem the next time you start to whip out that indignant email to us.
WE depend on YOU and your support to make things happen, to achieve change.
When we count noses to see who's with us, where will YOU be?

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