Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The 2009 annual meeting is history

No other way to describe it.  It was great!

A larger than usual crowd showed up to share lunch and ideas and discussions, and to take a chance on the Ruger LCP that we were giving away.
The winner was a man who'd only been in KC3 for two months.  We'd say he got his money's worth on his membership!
The barbeque and fixin's were excellent, and despite our careful planning we still had food left over, for which the staff at Open Range were most grateful.
There were some good things that happened.  We welcomed former board member Brock Hetherington back on board, and we look forward to wearing him out at gun shows and wracking his brains for new ideas to advance our cause.
The sad news was that long-time board member Jerry Geise resigned from the board.  After nine years with us, making him the longest-serving board member, Jerry's going to be taking time off for himself and his family.  Jerry has been to dozens of gun shows, made dozens of visits to gun stores and businesses for KC3 and has labored on a multitude of projects for the group in many capacities.

We'll surely miss him, because we can't replace him and we want to say THANKS, JERRY!!! for all his long, hard service to our cause!

The rest of the officers have stayed in their positions.  Kraig Keller will continue to steer things for us as we move into a new year of agitation and fighting for our freedoms.
Our new attorney, Chris Hunt of Lexington, came to spend some time with us and we're hoping that we haven't run him now that he's seen what a lot of radicals we are.
There's more to tell about the door prizes and the discussions, and photos to post of the proceedings, and more to say about where we plan to go with KC3, but that's all for now.  Be sure to read the June newsletter for more coverage of the event.

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