Thursday, January 1, 2009

Watch your mailbox for the newsletter

The December edition of the KC3 Chronicle has been printed and is in the process of being mailed by the company that now handles this business for us.

This is another of the policies that the new board of directors has adopted in order to increase our efficiency and improve our service to our members and advertisers.
Our new quarterly publishing schedule is - spring quarter 2009 on March 21st, then June 21st for the summer edition, September 21st for the fall edition and December 21st for the winter edition.
We settled on these dates as being easy to remember and appropriate to the seasons of the year. We make our pledge to you that the newsletter will be published on those dates.
The advertising year will start with the March edition of each year, so if you have a business to advertise or know of a business that you think should advertise with us then get in touch with us as soon as possible via the contact page on our web site at
If you don't get the newsletter delivered to you now and are a present or past member of KC3, get in touch with us. Your membership may have expired or your mailing address may have changed and you didn't give us a forwarding address. Use our contact email address to get in touch with questions or problems relating to the newsletter, and please allow a few days for a reply.

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