Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

The officers and members of the board of directors of KC3 wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year in 2009!

We resolve to do our best to defend your rights in the coming months, and hope that you'll join us in that effort. Here's a message from our president and co-founder of KC3, Kraig Keller -

Once again, we see another terrorist attack against unarmed victims on a mass
scale, this time in India.

Terrorists once again prove they will attack only unarmed
civilians. Terrorists attack unarmed or otherwise unprepared civilians; very seldom do they attack military posts or police stations. In the USA, they shoot up schools, office buildings, malls, and other places which boast 'No Concealed Carry' or 'No Weapons Allowed' signs, or places in states or cities which do not allow for concealed carry. The best defense against terrorists and other killers is a well armed citizen population. Nothing else will meet the threat. Being unarmed is a very poor place to find yourself when attacked.
Here in Kentucky we have one of the BEST concealed carry laws in the
nation. We are here working to preserve and improve our laws. I strongly recommend that if you come to a business which chooses to post a No Concealed Carry or No Weapons Allowed sign, please take your business to one of their competitors. You can even let them know that you will obey their sign and NOT spend your money in their store, since it is quite obvious they do not want you inside the store. Unarmed when a shooting happens is not where you want to be! We want to be able to protect our children and teachers while at school and college, either public or private. We are intending to ask the Legislature of Kentucky to remove the restrictions of possessing weapons and concealed carry on school property. We are perusing a petition drive to that end: a copy is in this issue. Terrorists have said they will attack our children while at school. Why? Terrorists do not attack armed and able citizens or police! They desire to attack our children at school because on school property NO ONE CAN BE ARMED. Let us change that for our children and teachers at schools. Allowing people who are licensed to carry concealed weapons to carry at schools will allow someone to be ready, willing and able to bring down a killer right on the spot. Police always arrive too late.
We need a BIG voice. If your membership is due, please renew. The
expiration date is on the address label. If you are not a member, please join. If you know others who shoot, own guns, or carry concealed, have them join. If you are a member who wants to do more and you are willing to contribute time and talents, you could join the Board of Directors. We need people who can work and help us with gun shows, the petition drive and everyday chores to keep KC3 the best gun rights advocate in Kentucky.
Our next Annual Membership meeting is set for May 9, 2009 in Crestwood,
KY at 12 Noon. Mark your calendar and plan to attend.
Kraig Keller

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