Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Winner of the KC3 gun raffle for 2008

KC3's gun raffles over the last few years have been very successful, not just for us by bringing in revenue and new members, but for the lucky folks who've won firearms in the raffles.

Here KC3 secretary and treasurer Bob Jaynes is shown presenting the Kimber Raptor 1911 .45 pistol to the 2008 winner, KC3 member Johnnie Spaulding. As it happened, Mr. Spaulding is a 1911 enthusiast and was very happy to have won one of John Browning's creations.
The presentation was made at Evans Firearms & Archery, 117 Southland Drive, Lexington, Ky. where the transfer papers were completed. Jay Evans is in the background in the photo.
The board of directors will soon be making an announcement about which firearm has been selected for the 2009 raffle, and ticket sales will start at the next gun show in September. Check back here for the gun show schedule information as well.

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