Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kickoff to a new endeavor for KC3

The Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed (KC3) has been around since 1995, as most of you coming to this web page will know. But KC3 has been a victim of its own success in some ways.

Kentuckians have always been a proud and independent group. Many folks out in rural areas told us when we were trying to get a concealed carry law passed in 1996 that they'd been carrying all their lives and didn't need the government's permission. Nor did they want the government to know what they were up to, so they'd just do without a CDWL, thank you very much!

After House Bill 40 (HB40) passed in 1996 the situation in Kentucky continued to improve. Changes were made in our laws that were almost universally favorable to the armed citizen. People began to feel that their rights weren't nearly as threatened as they had been before, and that the political fight was pretty much won. Even the national situation improved as more conservative politicians were elected and began to have an effect.

So KC3 began to drift and the urgency that had driven us for the first several years began to dissipate. The fire that drove us grew less intense.

But KC3 didn't go away.  The organization hasn't vanished.

After several years of virtual dormancy, KC3 is committed to returning to the forefront of the effort to protect and expand our rights in Kentucky and across the nation. This blog is one of the first steps.

We intend to maintain our web site at http://www.kc3.com - that's where we'll be setting up a newsfeed, and automated membership sign-ups as well as other features. We'll be keeping our archives and our contact information there, just like always. Updates are coming, but the website will still be the heart of our online efforts.

A blog offers us a way to make immediate, real-time contact with our members and allies. It's a way to post breaking news, and to give you commentary on events as they evolve. This is where you'll be able to come to learn about legislation, what's good and bad, and to find links to other sites that are on our side, other people who share our love of freedom.

This is where you'll find our views and guidance on the issues as they come along. It's a way for us to stay on top of the news and the stories as they're reported in the media. It gives us an immediacy that we can then bring to you, so we as a group stay informed and aware.

KC3's board of directors is determined to see that our organization brings back that sense of urgency and vitality that we had in the beginning. There are still many challenges facing us even as this is written, and the presidential election is just one event that will have an impact on our rights and our laws. Those who've convinced themselves that we're in pretty good shape haven't been paying attention to what's going on. A new generation of gun-haters who oppose our right to carry and our right to self-defense in general is coming into office and must be stopped.

If you care about preserving, even expanding our basic human rights, stick with us as we launch this new venue. If you're not already a KC3 member please visit our web page to learn how to join us, and if you have suggestions for us on how to proceed, or tips on issues or problems that we should address use the "contact us" page on the web site to get in touch with us.

KC3's been languishing for awhile, but those days are past. We hope that this blog is just the first step on the road to a new era for us, and for you!

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