Monday, March 4, 2013

KC3 sues five cities and a county for violations of KRS 65.870

This week KC3 filed suit against six Kentucky cities - Louisville, Ft. Thomas, Warsaw, Winchester, Ft. Mitchell - and Woodford county for violating KRS 65.870 by posting illegal signage or having illegal ordinances in place. They had six months to get their houses in order, now they're going to have to pay for their flouting of our laws!

  KRS 65.879 allows individuals or groups with standing to sue government entities that violate the law, and recover expenses and attourney fees.   If you live in Louisville, Ft. Thomas, Warsay, Winchester, Ft. Mitchell, and Woodford County, it might be a good time to ask your elected officials why they've ignored the law, and why your tax dollars are going to have to be spent in this manner. Maybe you could also take advantage of the law and swear out a complaint of official misconduct against these elected officials. Hmmm. Just a thought...

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