Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tell Congressman Yarmuth what you think about the "gun violence" issue.

If you live in Kentucky's 3rd Congressional District, Congressman John Yarmuth would like your take on the President's proposed measures to reduce "gun violence". Go to this webpage to tell him what you think. There is a place to leave your ideas about what might work. Keep it civil. Here's what I suggested.
1. Stop playing politics with this and ENFORCE CURRENT LAWS AND PROSECUTE VIOLENT OFFENDERS. Precious little of that going on in the Federal courts.

2. Incarcerate violent offenders for certain, long-term sentences. Recidivism is too high in this group to leave them on the streets.

3. Increase the penalties for all violent offenders.

4. Leave the 99.999% of legal, law-abiding gun owners alone and go after criminals. And if the mentally ill are a problem, get them in front of a judge so they can be adjudicated mentally ill and therefore ineligible for a legal gun purchase.

5. Realize that none of the proposed items, even those with which I agree, make anyone safe, or even arguably safer. The heart of man is desperately wicked. No one can understand it. As long as we participate in society, we are at the mercy of the sociopath, the psychotic, and the evil persons around us.

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