Friday, June 1, 2012

Seriously, think about it...

In View from the Porch, Tam asks a question we should strongly consider.
Speaking of self-defense scenarios and Zombie ammo, Tam says,

"Nobody's hypothetical scenario ever seems to include getting beat down by a moody, unarmed teenager who reacts belligerently to "Hey, do you live around here?" In a case like that, do you really want to be standing over a cooling corpse with a gun full of joke bullets?"

Because, you know, your average prosecutor is such a fun guy with a great sense of humor. I can just see him sharing the joke with the jury...
Here's the whole post.

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Mad Saint Jack said...

Joe Barrett host of Trigger Time Sunday nights on 55KRC in Cincy was the first I saw posit the question.

Glad to see this blog alive and kicking again. Met a few guys from KC3 at the last show at Drawbridge Inn in NKY.