Sunday, April 15, 2012

HB 500 is now the law

On April 11th, Gov. Beshear signed HB 500 and two other gun-friendly bills.

See the NRA press release on the bills here.

Now, when any public or private or semi-public entity enacts an illegal restriction on firearms, we can use the provisions of this bill to make them pay for their actions. No more scoffing at the law, no more local tyrants doing as they please.
A big hat tip to Take Back Kentucky for the work that they did in coordination with KC3 to spread the word and move the votes on these issues in this session.
Be sure to contact Rep. Robert Damron and give him a big THANK YOU for the work he did to move this bill. And if your representative or senator voted in favor of it, be sure to thank them as well.
When we unite and are motivated, we can still make things happen!

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