Sunday, March 18, 2012

The ethics of going armed.

Marco over at The Munchkin Wrangler has written a good post about the ethics of going armed.
Read it here. Be sure to read the linked blog post from Kit Lear before you start Marco's post.

"...while I believe that most people are decent and good, I know–without the shadow of a doubt–that some people aren’t. And here’s the thing about those that aren’t: they are not good to a degree that most of my liberal friends who dislike guns and write off armed people as paranoid hicks can’t comprehend. We’re not talking about “swiping the cash box from girl scouts” bad. Some people have decided to abandon the social contract so entirely that you are not a real person to them. You’re just the thing they need to get rid of to get at the wallet and the car keys in your pocket, like a wrapper around a candy bar that needs to be ripped off and discarded before you can get to the nougat."

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