Saturday, July 2, 2011

Paducah officials determined to change Ky firearms preemption law.

See more HERE, and the previous post below.

The attitude of some Paducah officials is the Kentucky Legislature didn't know what they were doing when they passed KRS 65.870, and consequently don't want to obey the laws currently on the books. I'm sure these officials would be agreeable to a local business ignoring ordinances while the business worked to change the ordinances...

This is why we need to follow Florida and put some teeth behind the preemption law in Kentucky. City and County officials who ignore Florida's preemption will now be held personally responsible for preemption violations, without recourse to public funds for legal fees or fines and damages awarded in court. Will it be effective? Well, see what they're saying about it in Florida HERE, and HERE. (thx to Robb Allen at Sharp as a Marble blog)
Let's make the scofflaws in and county governments sit up and pay attention. Help us work to put teeth into KRS 65.870, and put an end to local governments thumbing their collective nose at the law with impunity.

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