Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Harmon introduces campus carry amendment to HB 370

Representative Mike Harmon has introduced a floor amendment to HB 307 which, if passed, would allow all CCDW license holders to carry without limitation on any Kentucky college, university, or other post-secondary campus. It also removes the supposed ambiguity from the possession of firearms in a vehicle on university property which is currently being challenged in court.
HFA (3, M. Harmon) - Retain original provisions except add amendment of KRS 237.115 relating to carrying and possession of weapons to permit a person with a concealed deadly weapon license to carry that weapon without limitation on the property of a publicly funded college, university, postsecondary education institution, including vocational schools and community colleges, specify that the provisions of KRS 237.106 relating to possession of firearms in a vehicle on applies on such property.
Read the full text of the amendment here.

Currently, Kentucky law allows the administrations of these institutions to arbitrarily disarm law-abiding adults who have passed the training and continuing background checks required to qualify for a CCDW license. Let your Representative know that we can no longer allow these unelected administrators to create gun-free zones on college campuses where criminals and madmen attack and/or kill disarmed adults who are deprived of their best method of defense. Virginia allows the same thing at their colleges. Remember how well it worked at Virginia Tech?
Please use the links provided to the left under the heading "Email Kentucky Legislators" to find and contact your State Representative.
After you tell your Representative to support this amendment, let Mr. Harmon know you appreciate his work to reasonably expand our CCDW privileges.

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