Thursday, December 30, 2010

Arizona proposes Right-to-Carry on campus

(12/29/2010) Arizona: Right-to-Carry on campus (from NRA-ILA)
The 50th session of the Arizona legislature begins Jan. 10 with two proposed state House bills that could allow guns on college campuses. The first House bill, HB 2001, allows university or community college faculty members to carry a concealed gun on campus. A faculty member would be a professor, an assistant professor or a lecturer. It does not include research or teaching assistants. The other bill, HB 2014, would restrict a governing board of a university or community college or the college from banning a person from possessing a concealed weapon with a valid permit.
Time for Kentucky to take the lead on this issue. Tell the legislature we don't want our right to self-defense on campus. Contact information for Kentucky legislators can be found in the column to the left.

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